Machine Learning


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50 Hours




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• Supervised Learning setup
• Unsupervised Learning setup
• Reinforcement Learning setup
1. Nearest Neighbour
2. Linear Regression
3. Logistic Regression
4. Naive Bayes
5. Curse of Dimensionality
• Dimensionality Reduction
6. Statistical Parameter Estimation
7. Support Vector Machine
• SVM Dual
• Kernel Trick
• Multi-class SVM
8. Neural Networks
• Multi-layer Perceptrons
• Backpropagation
• Introduction to Deep Learning
• Convolutional Neural Networks
• Recurrrent Neural Networks

9. Decision Trees

10. Ensemble Methods
• Bagging
• Boosting
• Random Forest
Bias/variance trade off
1. Model selection and feature selection
2. Advice on applying machine learning
3. Evaluation Measures
1. Clustering. K-means
2. EM. Mixture of Gaussians
3. Factor analysis
4. PCA (Principal components analysis)
5. ICA (Independent components analysis)
1. MDPs. Bellman equations
2. Value iteration and policy iteration
3. Linear quadratic regulation (LQR). LQG
4. Q-learning. Value function approximation
1. Weakly-Supervised and Semi-Supervised Learning
2. Learning Theory
• VC dimensions
• generalization error bounds
• PAC Theory
3. Adversarial machine learning
• Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
4. Graphical Models




Course Name: Machine Learning