Python Programming


Why this course ?

  • This course designed to introduce the Python programming language for students without prior programming experience.
  • Python is a popular language with easy to learn syntax, it has powerful set of libraries.
  • In this course, you will be learning how to write program with Python language.
  • At the end of the course, we introduce some of the advance topics in computing to motivate the passionate learner to pursue further directions.

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Program Duration
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24 Hours




Create your own functions
Classes in python
Inheritence in Python
Time management function
Calculate discounted price
Conditional Statements
Python Variable
Understanding more about variables
User input variable
Conditional statement (iff elif else)
More of iff elif else
Introduction to python list
Indexing of Python List
Slicing of list
Modifying a list
List methods
Python string functions
Python Numeric function
Introduction to Panda
Data Frame in Pandas
groupby in Panda
Python Tuple
Functions on Tuple
Introduction to numpy
Array in Numpy
matrices using Numpy
mathematical functions using Numpy
Introduction to python
Installation of Anaconda
Python Dictionary
Fuctions on dictionary
Methods of Dictionary
Python Set
Introduction to Loop
FOR loop for Sum
FOR loop for multiplication
While loop
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Course Name: Python Programming