Data science is the hottest trend in myriad sectors

Data science is considered one of the popular and diverse fields of technology these days. In India, the data science market has developed immensely in the last few years. It’s a procedure to collect structured and raw data and to use them for helping any venture for earning more profit. Data sources may be internal or external but, each data narrates something useful to create more resourceful strategies for a business. Numerous industries adopt big data techniques to create significance for their trade. Data analytics has become a part of every business concern. As every sector has huge competition, staying in a leading position is a challenge and every enterprise truly pursues it.    

Data analytics uses a range of methods to see changes in data and prototypes. It doesn't use many numerical and coding skills but, depends on soft skills. At the primary stage, it uses numerical, statistical, encoding skills and at the ultimate stage, it relies on soft skills. Data analytics is an element of data science that has more demand today.

Currently, you can find numerous data science courses to become a qualified expert in this sector. By 2020, the job opportunities will probably increase up to 30% that means you have a more lucrative opening to reach your career goal. If you are a fresher with computer, mathematics, and economics background, you can get the training to become a data scientist. There is a high need for data scientists in almost every industry as data science is the most effective application.

The list of industries that use this advanced application:

Banking and finance

Different banks use data science for assessing customer’s behavior and to advise them accordingly. Banks and financial firms have unlimited opportunities such as automating risk management, managing customer data, detecting frauds, predictive analytics, algorithm analytics, and consumer analytics. Investment companies use this application to know about market trends and moods. It lessens the risks of loss.  

Healthcare industries

Data science is effective in healthcare industries by managing and analyzing medical data. It eases the decision-making procedures. It makes the evaluation, treatment, and monitoring easy and fast. It is a commanding tool in healthcare industries for fighting against various diseases and cancer. It makes the security issues, safety inspections, and hospital management system more effective.

Retail and wholesale industries

Retail and wholesale industries find it helpful to use data science as a boon to flourish their businesses. Data and information are used to understand the latest trend and fashion of the market, about the customer’s choice and preferences, and to detect frauds and defaults. This trick is effective to influence the consumers easily.

Manufacturing and construction fields

Manufacturing sectors use this effective implementation to find the newest solutions, to speed up execution, and to generate advanced processes for their companies. Construction industries use this to track records associated with customer value, cost of the land, material costs, and revenue. All these make decision-making strategies easy and fast.

Thus, you can say that in almost every sphere of commerce, data science has limitless access and contribution. So, it is a promising career choice nowadays that offers attractive job opportunities in myriad sectors. 

Title: Reasons why you learn Data Science

In this digital world, a huge amount of data is generated every day in every field. Collecting and maintaining the data is ineffectual until they are researched or analyzed properly to reveal patterns for helping businesses make wise decisions related to their growth. Data science is a course that provides learning about how to use and manage structured and unstructured data using some basic mathematics and statistical techniques. Companies have a lot of benefits by analyzed data in enhancing the business revenue and developing new business strategies. Whether it is a medical field that needs to store patient’s information, a sports field that collects data on players and their playing styles, a plan about how to solve crowds and traffic problems, or storing astronomical data in the astrophysics field, a data scientist is someone who analyzes data and finds some useful outcomes.

Data science is the most demanded course nowadays. Companies want to hire certified data scientists to reveal innovative ideas and strategies to run their businesses successfully. Such companies offer lucrative offers and benefits to attract those expert professionals to join the team. In the 21st century, it will be the most attractive job field with diverse opportunities and scopes. So, many students want to choose this course to shape their careers truly.

Take a look at the following points to understand why you want to appear the course:

Huge job opportunities

Research says, not only this country but the whole world is offering bright career opportunities to the students who have completed the data science course successfully. First-rated enterprises find certified professionals to recruit in different sectors for increasing revenue and sales. After completing the training, job opportunities will knock your door.

Freedom in choosing the suitable job field

When you are an expert in analytics skills, you are no more bound to a particular field but, you have the freedom to work in any field from manufacturing to finance, from healthcare to entertainment. You are competent to accept any challenge related to a project when you are a proficient data scientist.

High-paid salary

The report says data science is at the top position among 25 most recognized jobs in the world. Data scientists are valuable with maximum analytics skills and they can possess higher salaries to enjoy the perks.

Opportunities to work with tech giants

A graduate in data science has an open opportunity to companies like LinkedIn, Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Uber, etc. obtaining a good grade in this course gives you opportunities to work with so-called tech giants in the IT field.

Lesser competition than other fields

Many professional courses are there in the market but, data science is completely different from others. It has a huge demand in different sectors but, the efficient candidates are a few. So, the competition is less and the approved candidates have great career perks after completing the course.

An assortment of associated skills

Knowing how to work with data and solving problems enhance other abilities like decision-making skills, leadership skills, management skills, communicative skills, etc. Together these skills make students more eligible to face every challenge in the job field.

Availability of courses

To become a proficient and certified data scientist many courses are available in the market. Both the online and classroom training is available where proficient mentors offer top-notch training and students have the necessary tools and techniques to become qualified data scientists.


We chose to focus on SAS and R as they currently dominate the programming language choices in the statistics field. We’ve noticed that there is a disconcerting trend in that R is being used heavily in Academia which seems to be at odds with what is going on within industry where SAS is primarily utilized. However the mastery of both packages is critical to a young person’s success as each language plays an important role in analysis. Therefore taking a one sided preference for either software based on common misconceptions does a disservice to students and needs to be addressed.