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Certificate in  Data Science

Learn how the know the insight of data by analysing, develop new strategies, and cultivate actionable business intelligence in areas as diverse as product design, marketing, and finance.


  • Special emphasis on data investigation, including data wrangling, cleaning, sampling, management, exploratory analysis, regression and classification, prediction, and data communication reporting.

  • Implement foundational concepts of data computation, such as data structure, algorithms, parallel computing, and analysis.

  • Leverage your knowledge of key subject areas, such as statistics, Predictive modelleing, SQL, Macro,  exponential smoothing, seasonally adjusted trend analysis, or data visualization. 


No application is required. You simply register for the course consulting with the counselor. 

Prerequisite Experience

Prior knowledge in statistics and basic programming is recommended for this certificate. If you do not have a strong background in statistics, start with an introductory statistics course, such as Introduction to business statistics before beginning this certificate.

The Data Science Certificate will be difficult for students with no prior knowledge of basic computing. If you do not have a background in basic computing, you should consider first taking Basic computer  Training cours. You may wish to consider our Basic computer programming course.


To meet the requirements for the certificate, you must be:

  • Graduate/Post Graduate/Experienced professionals

The certificate in Data Science requires four fundamental modules:

  • Introduction to Data Science

  • Overview of Business Statistics

  • Popular Analytics tools and its applications

  • Project