Automating Cisco DNA Center Operations Using APIs

  • Course level: All Levels


Managing any modern network architecture is difficult as our infrastructure increases in size and complexity. In this course, Automating Cisco DNA Center Operations Using APIs, you will learn foundational knowledge surrounding the wide variety of DNA Center APIs available. First, you will learn how to create and manage “sites” in the DNA center inventory, which contain both organizational device groupings and devices themselves. Next, you will discover how to update device configurations at scale using the DNA center template programmer. This will simplify change management and daily network operations. Finally, you will explore how to perform a variety of miscellaneous actions, such as troubleshooting the network using data collection techniques, tracing network paths, and monitoring your enterprise network performance via notification webhooks. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of DNA Center automation needed to deploy and manage professional-grade enterprise networks.