Become an RPA Developer

  • Course level: Intermediate


This course helps the students to develop professional-level skills focused on developing and deploying software robots. Students will learn about RPA using UiPath, specifically how to use UiPath Studio to develop automation solutions, how to extract, insert and manipulate Data within excel and PDF documents, recording options in studio to build automation projects, different debugging techniques to get the code free from errors and introduction to UiPath Orchestrator, a web based management tool, so you can manage your projects and use the developer functionalities to make your projects robust and scalable.  This course also covers more advanced automation techniques to make you confident automating various software, web applications, and beyond. This course also covers all the tools that are necessary to handle unexpected challenges for the RPA projects and design solutions for those challenges. An advanced topic called Robotic Enterprise Framework is taught for production level projects.  Finally, students understand how RPA teams work together, how automation is an end-to-end process, and how it relates to AI and other technologies, as well as how to learn more and connect with the RPA community.