Blended Learning Essentials for Vocational Education and Training

  • Course level: All Levels


A comprehensive introduction to blended learning for teachers and trainers.

Technology has fundamentally changed how we learn, making it more engaging but also challenging. This ExpertTrack contains essential knowledge for teachers, trainers and managers who are developing blended learning and preparing learners to succeed in the workplace.

You’ll explore the main principles of blended learning, how to embed it in your practice, and how to use it more effectively, with real-world examples and teaching resources on offer throughout the ExpertTrack. Improving digital fluency in your learning practice will help you deliver lessons more effectively while building your learners’ digital skills in the process.

Adopt successful blending learning models in your classroom

Assess your readiness for blended learning with support from experienced digital champions – you’ll receive practical advice on how and when to adopt blended learning within your teaching.

Once you have a good understanding of the principles of blended learning, you’ll review a number of case studies from the sector to compare different implementations to find a version that suits your learning environment.

Enhance your range of teaching resources and technologies

Blended learning incorporates your virtual learning environment (VLE) but doesn’t stop there. You’ll be presented with a range of open tools and educational resources that you can incorporate into your teaching.

Extending your list of resources, as well as your skills in assessing and adopting them, means that you can pick and choose the right options for you and your learners at each stage of the journey.

Build your students’ digital skills

Digital skills are essential in today’s job market, so using this opportunity to build your learners’ digital literacy will increase their employability and effectiveness once they enter the world of work.

This ExpertTrack covers ways of teaching digital skills, as well as more in depth information on how to manage digital identities and information. You’ll even cover how to create and public digital content while considering copyright and licensing laws.

Foster independent learning and improved learning outcomes

Your learners can use this opportunity to build their independent learning skills, and you can facilitate a number of options for them to take more control of their learning approaches and styles. This improves their life-long learning outcomes and means that you can focus on the most important activities for their progression.

What Will I Learn?

  • Blended learning
  • Teaching online
  • Digital skills
  • VLE
  • Content creation
  • Vocational training