Certificate in Data Science

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The Certificate in Data Science is an integrated course with SAS programming essentials, data step manipulation, Predictive modelling, SQL, R and Python. This program is most suitable for job seekers who want to become a Data Scientist on SAS, R and Python to manipulate data, perform queries and analyses, and generate reports, with predictive modeling techniques. This program will cover the curriculum for SAS Global certifications. 

What Will I Learn?

  • Hands-On Capstone project
  • Case studies
  • For the industry by the industry
  • Cutting edge curriculum

Topics for this course

Lesson 1: An Overview of the SAS System

Lesson 2: Getting Started With the SAS® System

Lesson 3: Getting familiar with the SAS Data Sets

Lesson 4: Producing List Report

Lesson 5: Enhancing Output

Lesson 6: Creating SAS® Data Sets

Lesson 7: Data Step Programming

Lesson 8: Combining SAS Data Sets

Lesson 9: Producing Summary Reports

Lesson 10: Introduction to Graphics

Lesson 11: Introduction to Data Step Manipulation

Lesson 12: Controlling Input and Output

Lesson 13: Summarizing Data

Lesson 14: Reading & Writing Different Types of Data

Lesson 15: Data Transformations

Lesson 16: Debugging Techniques

Lesson 17: Processing Data Iteratively

Lesson 18: Combining SAS® Data Sets

Lesson 19: Introduction to the SQL Procedure

Lesson 20: Retrieving Data From a Single Table

Lesson 21: Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables

Lesson 22: Creating and Updating Tables and Views

Lesson 23: Programming with the SQL Procedure

Lesson 24: Practical Problem-Solving with PROC SQL

Lesson 25: SAS MACROS

Lesson 26: Introduction to Analytics and Basic Statistics

Lesson 27: Introduction to Probability Theory

Lesson 28: Sampling Theory And Estimation

Lesson 29: Theory of Estimation

Lesson 30: Testing of hypothesis

Lesson 31: Analysis of Variance

Lesson 32: Exploratory Factor Analysis

Lesson 33: Cluster Analysis

Lesson 34: Linear Regression and Multiple Linear Regression

Lesson 35: Logistic Regression

Lesson 36: Time Series Analysis

Lesson 37: Introduction to R programming

Lesson 38: R programming essentials

Lesson 39: Fundamentals of R Language

Lesson 40: Data Visualization and Data Manipulation

Lesson 41:Testing of Hypothesis

Lesson 42: Exploratory Factor Analysis

Lesson 43: Machine Learning with R-language

Lesson 44: Analysis of Variance

Lesson 45: Linear Regression Using R

Lesson 46: Logistic Regression Using R

Lesson 47: Time Series Analysis

Lesson 48: Decision tree and Clustering

Lesson 49: Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis

Lesson 50: Market Basket Analysis

Lesson 51: Data Science Fundamentals

Lesson 52: Data Science Implementation

Lesson 53: The Impact of Data Science

Lesson 54: Introduction to Analytics and Statistics

Lesson 55: Introduction to Python Programming

Lesson 56: Fundamentals of Python Programming

Lesson 57: Python Data Types

Lesson 58: Python OOPs concept and Function

Lesson 59: Python File Handling

Lesson 60: Data Analysis with Python and Visualization

Lesson 61: Introduction to Machine Learning

Lesson 62: Linear Regression Analysis

Lesson 63: Logistic Regression Analysis

Lesson 64: Other Classification Algorithms

Lesson 65: Dimensionality Reduction

Lesson 66: Clustering Techniques

Lesson 67: Introduction to Neural Network

Lesson 68: Software and Libraries for Neural Network

Lesson 69: Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

Lesson 70: ANN Implementation

Lesson 71: Convolution Neural Network (CNN)

Lesson 72: Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)

Student Feedback


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I got a very Descriptive picture of Data science from this Course. All the topics were very well explained in this Course.

Handson was recommended by one of my friend. Every topic was taught in a very detailed manner. Highly Recommendable.

The course content is too good. I have completed SAS and R and pursuing Python at present. The instructor is very good and taught very interestingly. The course turned out to be very useful for me.

I am a beginner in Data Science, with no technical knowledge. The instructor in this course have simplified the contents so well that made me understand very easily. Every topic was taught in a very systematic manner with practical examples.

As a non-technical professional it was a great experience learning from the basics and to the end. I learnt from hands-on sessions and they are very friendly. I am very happy to attend this program offered by Handson.

Thanks a lot to my faculty, he guided me throughout the project work. Handson organizes training programs to avail students of professional learning in the field of analytics and data science.

I have completed R. Now I am doing my project work. Really a good experience.

One of my friends recommended me for Handson. It was a great learning experience with Handson, I enrolled in the Certificate in Data Science course. Three programming languages SAS, R, and Python was taught from the beginner's level to advanced level. Faculty has good knowledge and was very supportive.


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