CertNexus IoTBIZ


CertNexus IoTBIZ

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises a wide range of benefits for industry, energy and utility
companies, municipalities, healthcare, and consumers. Data can be collected in extraordinary
volume and detail regarding almost anything worth measuring, such as public health and safety, the
environment, industrial and agricultural production, energy, and utilities. New data analysis tools
have been optimized for the massive amounts of data that IoT produces, enabling well-informed
decisions to be made quickly.
Before you can successfully plan and implement an IoT solution, you must understand the
various factors that will drive your decisions. But putting IoT systems into place can be a
complicated proposition with unique considerations distinctly different from traditional IT
Business professionals often have little or no foundation for understanding of the components
and design decisions that go into an IoT project. They may have a traditional understanding of IT
solutions which includes knowledge of networks, cloud computing, and applications running on
servers, desktop computers, and mobile devices.

Benefits of the course

The half day course and associated credential (IOZ-110) will validate a participant’s knowledge of
IoT terminology, their ability to understand the components of IoT infrastructure, uncover
challenges for consideration and the impact that IoT has on their organization. Successful
participants will be able to identify what IoT can do for their organization and the various business
and technical challenges to address.

Targeted Audience

This 4-hour course is intended for business leads in project management, marketing and sales who
are seeking to grow their organization through IoT technology solutions. This course prepares
students for taking the CertNexus® IoTBIZ Credential (IOZ-110).

Topics for this course

5 Lessons04h

Lesson 1: Planning an IoT Implementation

Topic A: Defining IoT00:00:00
Topic B: IoT Infrastructure00:00:00
Topic C: Identify Benefits and Challenges of IoT00:00:00

Lesson 2: Undertaking an IoT Project

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