Change Management

  • Course level: All Levels


Learn how to advise on and implement an effective change management process

Over just ten weeks, you can learn the skills required to effectively manage and lead change in your organisation, transforming your team – and your career.

Learn how to lead change

A significant number of change projects fail to meet all of their objectives. This microcredential will provide you with change management methods and ideas for addressing many of the challenges associated with change projects

Using change management and leadership theory alongside real-life case studies, you’ll learn professional strategies to solve the challenges of leading change and learn how to provide a semi-systems based framework for managing the process.

Unlock your earnings potential and access management roles

Alongside change management academics and professionals within the private and public sector, you’ll learn how to build the mindset of a conscious change leader and examine and critique diverse change management perspectives.

You’ll study the ways internal processes and relationships interact with external environmental conditions to influence company change and learn how to implement a successful change management strategy.

Use change management processes to boost your business

Through challenge-based learning and leading professional input, you’ll develop practice-orientated ways of managing change that leads individuals and teams to positive futures.

This microcredential meets the standards set by the Common Microcredential Framework.

What Will I Learn?

  • Evaluate the diversity of change management perspectives and discuss the value assumptions and orientations which lie behind them
  • Synthesise and contextualise internal processes and relationships, and external environmental conditions that influence an organisation to change
  • Evaluate changes in the external and internal environments of an organisation and recommend the most appropriate change management implementation strategy