Choosing and Implementing Google Cloud Compute Engine Solutions

  • Course level: All Levels


Provisioning and managing Google Cloud Compute Engine instances, i.e. VMs, is simple and straightforward. In this course, Choosing and Implementing Google Cloud Compute Engine Solutions, you will learn how to create, run, and manage virtual machines on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You will start off by understanding the breadth of offerings from the Google Cloud Platform – ranging from pure IaaS offerings such as the Google Compute Engine to pure PaaS offerings like the Google App Engine. Next, you’ll see how you can create and work with these VM offerings on the cloud. You’ll create and connect to Linux as well as Windows machines, reserve static IP addresses, attach local SSDs to VMs, communicate between VMs on a network and connect to Cloud Storage buckets. You’ll then move on to administrating these instances on the cloud. You’ll see how availability policies, to handle VM migrations, can be configured, how disk images and snapshots can be created, and how you can instantiate VMs using these images and snapshots. Finally, you’ll be shown how to startup and shutdown scripts to customize VMs can be run. At the end of this course, you will be comfortable creating, connecting to, and working with virtual machine instances on the Google Cloud Platform.