Data Analysis and Visualization with Power BI


This course gives an in-depth knowledge regarding POWER BI which is required for anyone who needs to clean, restructure and harmonize data to get an effective Data model to support reporting. This POWER BI tool acts as an ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) tool. With the help of this course different Data Visualizations techniques are taught for a better understanding of Data and in order to focus user attention on key insights, help users navigate different features and report pages and enable accessibility options for diverse audiences. Filters and slicers are also covered in this course. With the help of this course students will deliver a couple of advanced features capable of elevating how users navigate and engage with visuals and the report itself. This course will start with an Introduction to data analysis looking at different terms and techniques such as descriptive and inferential statistics, histograms, linear regression and an introduction to the concepts of correlation and probability. After taking the introductory lessons on data analytics, the course then moves to M, the language of Power Query, and learning to build custom formulas as part of the data transformation process. The goal of the course is to help students become effective at the process of retrieving, analyzing and visualizing data in order to answer questions and draw conclusions.