Data Science Applied to Marketing

  • Course level: All Levels


Historically, mathematics was born for the first time, due to the need to understand our environment and make decisions. In particular, data science focuses on data processing: analyzing, exploring and interpreting data sets, and based on this, having a complete picture of the present.

When hearing about data science, you might think that it is a topic only related to data scientists and big data, aimed at people who speak programming languages ​​such as python or that it concerns only technology-based companies and artificial intelligence like IBM or Amazon. However, more and more, it is necessary to make use of business intelligence and through data mining obtain results for better decision-making regardless of the business line.

Considering that marketing has among its objectives the identification of needs and preferences of consumers to satisfy their needs, learn to carry out surveys that collect data and know the ideal data analysis tools for large amounts of data, it becomes essential for growth of any company or business.

Without having to be an expert in data science or programmer, there are currently a series of statistical techniques that can be used by a marketer, such as excel and spss, and these will allow them to perform data mining or data extraction, to identify the important variables of a product, classify consumers, organize their tastes and in general, make precise decisions with a mathematical basis to complex problems.

This course is entirely focused on market research, from examples to selected statistical analysis techniques, both for small and large volumes. Using statistical software to carry out the mathematical process in the databases and the data visualization, allowing an interpretive approach of the results for decision making.

Use business intelligence to your advantage and acquire the necessary tools to take the marketing of your company or business to the next level and make the right decisions.