Data Science : Master Machine Learning Without Coding

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Learn Fundamentals Of Data Science & Machine Learning With Rapidminer (No Coding). Dataset & Solutions Included.

Learn To Master Data Science And Machine Learning Without Coding And Earn a 6-Figure Income 

Why Data Science and Machine Learning are the Hottest and Most In-Demand Technology Jobs.

Data Scientist was recently dubbed “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” by Harvard Business Review, and for good reason! 

If you’re looking for a fast and effective way to earn a 6-figure income without spending thousands of dollars in training, keep reading to learn about this revolutionary Udemy course. 

Glassdoor reports that Data Scientist was named the “Best Job in America for 2016,” which was based on the huge amount of career opportunities and 6-figure average salary.  Business media from Forbes to The New York Times also frequently report about the increasing demand for data scientists.

Why is this great news for you? 

The sudden increase in demand for Data Scientists has created an incredible skills gap in the job market.  According to a McKinsey Report, by the end of 2018 the demand for them is expected to be 60% higher than the available talent! 

Machine Learning is the Key to Your High-Earning Future

Leading companies understand that Machine Learning is the future, and are investing millions of dollars into Machine Learning Research. 

Machine Learning is the subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables computers to learn and perform tasks they haven’t been explicitly programmed to do.

Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers who are skilled in Machine Learning are even higher in demand across the entire employment spectrum.  Many diverse industries are searching for innovation in the field, and their need for Machine Learning experts and engineers is rapidly increasing.

Traditional Machine Learning requires students to know software programming, which enables them to write machine learning algorithms.  But in this groundbreaking Udemy course, you’ll learn Machine Learning without any coding whatsoever.  As a result, it’s much easier and faster to learn! 

There’s literally no other course on Udemy that teaches Machine Learning without the need for programming knowledge or coding, using free open source software!

A Rare Opportunity to Quickly Learn Data Science and Machine Learning at an Affordable Cost… No Previous Knowledge of Programming Required!

Happily, now you can shorten your learning curve and be on your way toward earning a 6-figure income with this groundbreaking Udemy training.

Master Machine Learning & Data Science Quickly!

One of the most common problems learners have when jumping into Machine Learning and Data Science is the steep learning curve, and when you add to this the complexity of learning programming languages like Python or R you can get demotivated and lose interest fast.

A Different & More Effective Approach To Learning Data Science

In this groundbreaking course, you will learn the basic concepts of machine learning using a visual tool. Where you can just drag drop machine learning algorithms and all other functionality hiding the ugliness of code, making it much easier to grasp the fundamental concepts.

We’ll Build Several Machine Learning Algorithms Together.

I’ll “hand-hold” you as we build from scratch several different types of machine learning algorithms used in the real world, across several industries and I will explain where and how they are used.

Learn Both The Theory & Application Of Machine:

The course will teach you those fundamental concepts of machine learning by implementing practical exercises which are based on real world examples. You will learn the theory, but get hands on practice building these machine learning algorithms.

You’ll also get access to:

·         The datasets used in all the exercises.

·         The solution files of the completed exercises.

·         Cheat sheets to help you remember the fundamental concepts.

Join the class now!

Benefits of the course :

Build predictive models using machine learning algorithms without writing a line of software code

Requirements :

  • Able to use a Windows computer and install software on it
  • High school math

Who this course is for :

  • Software Programmers or Data Analysts Trying To Switch To A Data Science Career
  • Business Analysts With No Programming Background Yet Want To Learn Machine Learning
  • Students Trying to Understand the Basics of Machine Learning
  • Anyone Who Wants To Understand the Fundamentals Behind Machine Learning

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Explains the details. I feel like I'm getting a lot out of this course!

Excellent course. Coming from a programming background and while I do have a love for coding, its hard to believe that with no coding, we could achieve the same results. The success of the science at our fingertips. What is more, the clarity with which the concepts were presented. Would not be the last time sitting at the feet of this great lecturer.

Good content. Cover all Rapidminer from basic and building model was quite easy


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