• Course level: All Levels


Distance courses (online): Distance courses are ideal for you who value mobility and flexibility in your study schedule, at your own pace of learning.You study 100% online and the course load is 360 hours in 9 specific subjects (40 hours each subject).For each subject, you will have digital readings, slides, video classes and podcasts prepared by prominent professors in the area, which combine theoretical knowledge and discussions on professional practice, such as focused learning. In addition, you will also have the Professional Challenge and assessment activities that will further help you to put all the learning into practice.You will also have the accompaniment of a tutor to help you with any questions that arise during your course.The certification of an ODL course is the same as that of a face-to-face course.
Differentials of Postgraduate Distance Learning

  • – Exclusive LMS – Kosmos (all services on a single platform)
  • – Connect Channel
  • – Virtual Library
  • – Free Free Courses
  • – Setting subject
  • – Tutoring – service within 24 hours (average of 10 hours)
  • – Exclusive Didactic Material and Video Class with several learning objects
  • – The student attends the pole only for the course setting meeting
  • – Automatic correction of the Virtual Assessment – immediate grade in the student’s report card
  • – Duration in 10 or 6 months
  • – Registration, registration and upload of documentation online
  • – Flexibility of place and time to attend classes