Designing Immersive 3D Experiences: A Designers Guide to Creating Realistic 3D Experiences for Extended Reality

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Designing Immersive 3D Experiences can help any visual designer move into the fast-growing fields of 3D and extended reality (XR) design. Leading designer Renée Stevens (Powered by Design) introduces a proven approach and an effective design thinking process you can use to create outstanding, immersive user experiences. Stevens guides you through creating your first XR project and improving every project after that. Drawing on her experience building a major universitys first course in Augmented Reality, she prepares visual designers to succeed with 3D and XR design in environments from mobile and web to wearables.
Stevens begins by exploring what XR and 3D immersive design are, how theyre evolving, and how you may already be using them. Next, she explores core concepts and technologies, from computer-human interaction to projection mapping and head-mounted displays. Then, youll walk through projects from start to finish, learning how to:

  • Perform upfront ideation for new XR/3D projects: set why goals, balance innovation with practicality, and keep it all human
  • Build seamless and approachable user experiences and interfaces
  • Prototype XR experiences
  • Account for perception and other human factors
  • Augment typography, color, audio, and voice
  • Take your next steps with XR design, and more

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