Developing Microservices Architecture on Microsoft Azure with Open Source Technologies

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Increasingly, organizations are modernizing application development by integrating open source technologies into a holistic architecture for delivering high-quality workloads to the cloud. Developing Microservices Architecture on Azure with Open Source Technologies is a complete, step-by-step guide to building flexible microservices architectures by leveraging services provided by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, and key open source technologies such as Java, Node.JS, .NET Core and Angular.

  • Expert Microsoft consultants Ovais Mehboob and Arvind Chandaka guide you step-by-step through a realistic case study project that illuminates key technical implementation tasks for establishing end to end infrastructure, developing cloud-native applications, automating deployment, and realizing value. They show how to:
  • Identify application features and requirements, and map them onto microservices
  • Design microservices solution architectures that enable high-quality workloads
  • Develop app front ends, and build microservices with open source technologies and .NET Core
  • Leverage containerization with Docker, Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Container Registry, and AKS clusters
  • Make the most of Request/Response and Pub/Sub communication patterns
  • Enforce microservices app security, and use Azure AD B2C user authentication/authorization
  • Establish API gateways that provide a unified “front door” to back-end microservices
  • Set up continuous integration and continuous monitoring with Azure DevOps
  • Monitor microservices with Azure Monitor, Prometheus, and Datadog

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