Diploma in Hairdressing

  • Course level: All Levels


A hairstyle is probably the most challenging part of makeup. Your hairstyle will completely change the structure of your face. The Diploma in Hairdressing course is for the people who want to know the real techniques for becoming an expert hairdresser.

Hairdressing includes both hair cutting and hair styling. Throughout the course, you will learn the hair cutting basics, the different types of hair cutting, the latest hair cutting, etc. After completing the hair cutting part, you will be able to decide which hair cutting will suit to a particular face or which cutting is better for a specific face construction. After hair cutting basic, the course focuses on the styling of hair. You will learn different types of hairstyle including party hairstyle, ponytail, curly style, etc. Finally, the course also introduces you the tools for hairdressing.

Upon completion, you will be able to work professionally as a hairdresser.