ExpertTrack: Software Development

  • Course level: Intermediate


Build your skills and understanding of software development as a practice

Would you like to move into a career in software development? This ExpertTrack has been created to provide a broad introduction to software development.

If there’s one certainty about the future, it’s that it will be even more digital than it is now. All of the largest companies will be software companies at their core, like YouTube, Spotify and Uber. Now, banking, retail, education and telehealth are also set to become more digital. This means the demand for software development skills is going to continue to grow. This course is designed for those who want to start a career in software development, as well as those who want to improve their understanding of software development to enhance their job performance.

Understand why developers use Agile vs Waterfall processes

This ExpertTrack will guide you through the foundations of the software development process, so that you’re able to define it, and compare various project management methodologies.

You’ll be able to compare Agile and Waterfall frameworks, and understand the benefits and drawbacks of each approach when creating and refining software.

Define programming languages, HTML, and CSS

Programming languages like Python, Java, C#, R, and PHP are the building blocks of software development. You’ll learn about the most popular ones and understand the applications and differences between them. You’ll also understand the applications of HTML in programming and CSS styling elements, so that you can begin to build your development vocabulary.

Get ready for your digital technology career

Grow the practical knowledge you need for a career within the tech sector. You’ll be introduced to Agile project management methodologies, and commonly used development tools, including cloud service models so you know what to expect in your first job.

By the end of this ExpertTrack, you’ll be better equipped to participate in development conversations and you’ll have the foundational knowledge, understanding and experience you need to start your career in digital technology.

What Will I Learn?

  • Define the software development process
  • Compare various project management methodologies
  • Apply HTML and CSS markup to online page design
  • Compare testing methods
  • Investigate approaches for deployment and maintenance
  • Compare cloud service models