Introduction to Applied Linguistics and TESOL

  • Course level: All Levels


Explore the field of applied linguistics through real-world case studies

This online course introduces the field of applied linguistics and how it relates to disciplines including linguistics and language teaching.

You’ll explore real-world examples of applied linguistics, such as forensic linguistics and language assessment. You’ll look at the field’s impact on important issues – for example, reducing gender bias in language use and simplifying legal language.

You’ll find out what applied linguists do through a series of case studies. Specialists will work through problems and show you applied linguistic research methods to solve them.

What Will I Learn?

  • Demonstrate understanding of the key areas of applied linguistics and how these can be related to language teaching and learning
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamentals of applied linguistics, including language structure, language acquisition and language use in relation to culture, society, communication
  • Explore the role of language within the broader field of communication, particularly in language teaching and learning
  • Collect language data, organize it appropriately, and carry out initial linguistic analysis of that data
  • Reflect on and value diverse perspectives on language use and language users in society
  • Contribute knowledgeably to discussions on contemporary linguistic issues in a multilingual society