Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Course level: All Levels


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming very important in our personal and work life. But, will it be possible to build a machine or robot as intelligent as the human being? This is one of the answers that AI tries to offer, trying to create a machine capable of behaving like a human being, which implies the ability to perceive the environment and perform tasks successfully.

AI allows us to communicate with our cell phones and computers, as if they were human beings. Nowadays it is possible to ask an electronic device to listen to our favorite music, to turn on the coffee maker or turn off the lights.

Even more incredible, in the work area it is possible to request a prediction of the permanence or resignation of our clients or to review our social networks to know the degree of satisfaction of the clients with our company and / or products.

In this course you will learn the theoretical foundations of AI with its main branches such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, Language Processing and Expert Systems.

In addition, you will apply the concepts in the creation of models such as Natural Language Processing, Classification Trees and the Bayesian Classifier.

Additionally, you will learn to use the data science platform called RapidMiner, for the design and testing of the models.