• Course level: All Levels


The course is aimed at professionals graduated in Pedagogy, Psychology, Speech Therapy, Higher Education Teachers, Teachers of Licentiate Degree courses and other areas, as well as other professionals related to the field of Education (such as managers, coordinators, supervisors and educational directors)

General objectives

Commit to the prevention and analysis of learning and teaching problems generated in the educational context. Understand the interferences of a political-economic-social nature in education and its consequences. Perceiving itself as an educational agent, co-responsible for the success of the literacy and literacy process. Prepare to adequately guide teachers, other professionals and students’ families in the literacy and literacy process.

Specific objectives

  • Introduce the student to the study of the theoretical foundations of learning, as well as developmental psychology and learning applied to education as a whole.
  • Address the constitution of the individual’s cognitive processes in the learning process, prioritizing aspects of language and writing acquisition.
  • Study the social practices related to the use of language and the contributions of education in them. Identify the fundamentals of the literacy and literacy process and the existing methodologies, proposing a reflection on them.
  • Discuss the literacy of young people and adults, addressing its foundation and teaching practices.
  • Prepare the student to guide or act directly in the teaching practices of mathematics, natural sciences, arts and social sciences, related to the skills of literate and literate people.
  • Study pedagogical planning and assessment, interdependent and essential factors in education.