Professional Certification in Data mining applied to marketing

  • Course level: Intermediate


Do you really know your customers? Do you really know what products your customers buy from the market basket or do you allow yourself to be carried away by what appears to the naked eye?

In this course you will learn to build models based on data mining or data mining techniques, which will allow you to know relevant information about your customers and discover patterns of behavior to define marketing strategies according to the purchase of products.

It is essential to know our clients to achieve the objectives of the organization. This knowledge must be deep, not only of their qualities and characteristics, but also of their behavior patterns as a consumer, this is necessary information to achieve customer loyalty. A clear example is how social media ads work.

Market segmentation and the shopping basket form a body of knowledge that is very useful in marketing, and its analysis will help define strategies and tactics that allow the needs and desires of customers to be hit.

They have applications such as: Support for decision making, analysis of sales information, distribution of merchandise on store shelves and customer segmentation based on behavior patterns. And it allows the creation of decision trees that ultimately impact a predictive strategy.

Market segmentation groups customers according to their consumer behavior. Behavioral segments are groups of customers that behave similarly in relation to the business. The K-Means algorithm allows you to segment the market and create data sets, by grouping customers to interpret relevant consumer information.

The market basket analysis technique makes it possible to identify different association rules or association rules between the available data on purchased products.

By having transactional databases with pre-processing techniques, data segmentation and analysis can be done using data mining techniques that allow you to discover customer knowledge. And this discovery process is of great benefit to detect beyond an excel with a large amount of data.

In this course you will learn the theoretical foundations of Big Data and data analysis, as well as the data mining technique related to market segmentation and shopping basket analysis.

In addition, using artificial intelligence with the specialized software RapidMiner, you will apply the concepts in the creation of a data mining model with automatic learning or machine learning, which will allow you to carry out a complete analysis of the customer segments and the Market basket; and apply the results obtained in your strategy. Use all the data mining tools to your advantage and apply it to large databases.

This Professional Certification program has a particularity, as they are courses that can be carried out independently, some content is repeated in the courses, mainly in relation to the theoretical foundations and the use of software, given its importance.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will be able to carry out the pre-processing, processing and grouping of large amounts of data for the correct analysis of the data.
  • You will be able to define strategies to achieve knowledge discovery in databases.
  • You will understand the theoretical foundations of Big Data and the data mining technique related to the analysis of the shopping basket.
  • You will create a data mining model, which will allow you to analyze customer segmentation and the market basket, using specialized RapidMiner software, without the need to program in languages ​​such as Java.