Professional Certification in Data Visualization: Analyzing Data with Tableau

  • Course level: All Levels


Digital data is essential in contemporary society. They are more and more numerous, but it is difficult to interpret them due to their complexity. Terms such as databases, big data and business intelligence (business intelligence or business intelligence) are increasingly common and have become a fundamental part of business users for organizational decision making. The Data Visualization Program will ensure that you learn to analyze them and the possibility of representing them graphically for effective communication, offering information in a simple way and visual analysis for a better understanding of the data.

The activities of this program will be based on the use of Tableau software, the reference instrument for data visualizations, among the most diffuse in the world due to its ease of use. The three courses are organized in progressive levels:

The first course is aimed at anyone who works with different types of data / data sources, regardless of previous technical training. You will learn to use the product by exploring, with a practical methodology, the key concepts. You will explore different techniques for creating visualizations until putting them together in an interactive dashboard.

The second course is aimed at people who have a good experience using Tableau and want to deepen their own skills, ending with a more advanced use of the instrument. You will learn how to customize dashboard designs to make data navigation more interactive.

The third course allows you to learn how to choose the correct graphic (graphic representation) for the context in which it will be used. The main graphical solutions available are shown, as well as the modalities to share them online and make them available even to those who do not know Tableau.

What Will I Learn?

  • Configure Tableau, one of the most popular data visualization tools, to connect to a database.
  • Use assemblies, axes, and tables.
  • Customize templates.
  • Build Dashboards (dashboards).
  • Share interactive data online.