Professional Certification in Development and management of computer projects

  • Course level: Intermediate


The importance of software to society is so obvious that it speaks for itself. Software technology has become part of the daily lives of millions of people to the point that without it the change in their lives would be extremely radical. Today life is easier for people thanks to the fact that software allows us to do an infinite number of things.

From a business point of view, software makes the difference between companies, determining, to a large extent, their productivity and profits. This way you optimize tasks, increase profits, increase income, achieve specific objectives and optimize times.

In this Professional Certification program, Development and management of computer projects within the discipline of Software Engineering, you will learn how to develop, maintain, manage and control software services and systems that satisfy all user requirements and behave reliably and efficiently. .

Principles, methods, procedures, tools and techniques of Software Engineering will be shown in order for the student to be able to participate efficiently in all phases and activities of a software project. In this sense, the steps and tasks that help to guarantee the systematic production, maintenance, evaluation, control and management of the processes during the entire life cycle and of the software products developed within the established deadline and within the of the estimated cost.

During the program, you will learn to identify and analyze problems and design, develop, implement, verify and document software solutions based on an adequate knowledge of current theories, models and techniques, as well as to direct and redirect a software project with the purpose to finish it successfully. Different methodologies and life cycles are also presented with the purpose of helping to achieve a software project.

Finally, given the importance of communication in personal and professional life in general and in the success of a project in particular, techniques and resources will be taught to improve oral and written communication in order to improve the flow of software processes. increase the productivity of the work team and the quality of the final results.

In addition, taking into account that software projects are carried out as a team, group motivation dynamics will also be shown, as well as different knowledge to improve teamwork.

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic concepts and principles of Software Engineering. Methods and tools. Fundamentals of activities and management and development techniques that cover the life cycle of systems. Notations, techniques, methods and tools to do it.
  • Skills to reduce costs and improve the quality of software products and processes.
  • To identify the most frequent reasons for software project failures and learn techniques and methods to prevent them. Ability to identify, evaluate and manage potential associated risks that may arise.
  • Skills to lead and motivate a group, cooperate in a work team and communicate by transmitting the desired concepts and messages. Coordinate effectively to achieve the success of the project and the satisfaction of those involved.
  • Communicate both in written and oral form, properly and correctly, their own ideas and individual and group reflections, as well as the results of a computer project.