Professional Certification in DevOps Fundamentals: Streamline Software Development

  • Course level: Intermediate


Become a crucial element for the company. Streamline software development processes with state-of-the-art continuous integration and continuous delivery technologies to excel in the digital transformation industry.

Time has always been a pressing factor and in software development even more so, since each trial and error greatly affects whether a product can be optimally ready for the customer and with higher quality.

Delays in software development teams are due to the barrier that exists between two departments: development and operations, which although they work hand in hand as members of the general team, each area has its priorities. On the one hand greater speed, innovation and change, while on the other the stability of the code, the correct implementation and optimization are sought. This conflict creates bottlenecks in the development life cycle and prevents scalability. Without a development methodology, you cannot calculate metrics in real time, such as time-to-market, in development cycles.

DevOps teams have come to revolutionize IT areas and have eliminated that invisible wall, with the aim that developers can work bi-directionally, collaboratively and with effective communication. Learning and applying the devops tools and practices in this course can reduce product launch and delivery time, as well as provide better quality and reliability in companies, promoting higher productivity, lower costs, and higher frequency of launches. thanks to process automation.

This program will focus on security, a key component in the development process to minimize any risk in the development itself, the deployment, and the delivery process.

The courses created hand in hand with Holberton, will enable you to use different technologies such as Docker, Puppet, Jenkins, Ansible and Terraform as well as different clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud, among others. Everything, to know how to correctly respond to the needs of continuous integration and delivery that will make the workflow much more efficient in your development environments. It is your time to have a competitive advantage in the job market.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will consciously understand the advantages of working with automation tools in software development.
  • You will apply the methodologies of integration and continuous deployment.
  • You will design, implement and manage the software development automation process.
  • How to design, implement and manage the software development automation process.
  • You will learn how to create a safe, reliable and production-ready product in an 'agile' way.
  • You will know the basics of security and testing in DevOps.
  • You will reaffirm fundamental knowledge in databases, git, github and Linux, essential in the software development process.