Professional Certification in Digital marketing and social media


Get the knowledge and skills necessary to increase results in your job or company thanks to digital marketing and new marketing tools.

With this Professional Certification program you will be able to analyze which areas you need to promote, create a strategy and apply globally the most effective techniques to obtain more leads, new customers and sales.

With the help of experts, you will be able to internalize the theory and put it into practice with the real cases of companies that you will find at the end of each module. In addition, you will have access to practical cases of marketing campaigns in digital media and interviews where you will learn about the experience of organizations and prominent professionals in their area who take advantage of the digital strategy in social media marketing and advertising to grow their brand and its results.

The program is made up of five blocks:

  • The first block addresses the fundamental concepts that will help you understand in depth what digital marketing consists of and why it is an essential tool today for all companies that want to gain a foothold in the market. Thanks to this module, you will establish the essential knowledge necessary to obtain a complete command of the new way of doing marketing: digital marketing.
  • In the second block, an introduction to web analytics is made to establish a foundation at the level of digital business analysis that will allow you to develop marketing actions based on data. We will see the basic principles of web analytics, we will know the main metrics and KPIs. In addition, you will also learn to use Google Analytics, the most used web analysis tool in the sector. And we will end up getting into business intelligence.
  • The third block will help you to know the value that SEO can bring to your sector or company, the most effective techniques, and how to carry out each of the key steps to create a successful SEO strategy. You will also know some of the tools used in digital marketing; Google Search Console and the Google Ads advertising tool: their main KPIs, the steps to create campaigns and ads and how to get the most out of them.
  • The fourth block delves into digital marketing through the use of social networks, and in it you will learn to create a successful content strategy, select the best social networks for your objectives, create a content scheduling plan and manage crisis reputation. We see more and more companies incorporating online marketing strategies on LinkedIn and Facebook, which is why it is essential to master these tools.
  • In the fifth and last block you will learn about different ways of advertising on social networks and how to select the most appropriate for your needs.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will design and evaluate digital and social media marketing strategies according to the objectives of your business so that you can include them in your marketing plan successfully.
  • You will choose the best social networks depending on your business and the needs of your customers and you will learn to do advertising campaigns in them. You will also learn to manage reputational crises in social networks and create contingency plans.
  • You will learn to create valuable content for your clients in the short and long term, with the aim of fostering lasting relationships with them. You will also learn how to create a content calendar to make the most of what you create.
  • You will know the main SEO positioning techniques so that your website can reach the top positions in the search engine.
  • You will create advertising campaigns on the Display and Google search networks using Google Ads and Analytics.