Professional Certification in Essential Quantitative Skills in Economics and Statistics


Gain a solid foundation in essential quantitative skills in economic thinking, basic algorithmic, and linear regression modeling and forecasting, to succeed as a better decision maker in your career path.

In the current work environment, it is vital for professionals to generate and interpret a large amount of quantitative information to which they have access, either through different databases of economic indicators, or by effectively presenting statistical models by themselves. This cutting-edge program, offered by EGADE Business School, the business school of Tecnológico de Monterrey and the # 1 school in Mexico and Latin America in Finance and Administration, will give you the opportunity to develop these skills that are highly required by companies through of the curriculum of this program.

With the help of experts, you will use interactive exercises to learn the fundamentals of economic thinking, statistical analysis, basic algorithmic, and forecasting and linear regression models.

The topics covered in this Professional Certification program will allow you to obtain theoretical and practical training at the master’s or postgraduate level to better understand the functions of business management; In addition, they will prepare you to continue your studies when you decide to pursue the Master in Finance, the MBA, the Specialty in Digital Strategy or the Master in Business Analytics at EGADE.

This program by means of statistical methods, economic analysis, statistical information and quantitative methods, will allow the student to analyze a set of statistical data so that in the short and long term decisions can be made based on the analysis of data that are beneficial for the organization.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will analyze and interpret the main components of economic thinking applied to the global business environment and that support decision-making
  • processes based on the results obtained over time.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of algorithmic thinking, data structures and the basic principles of programming with application to business.
  • You will develop the ability to build linear regression and forecast models applied to the business environment and its decision making using statistical techniques.