Professional Certification in Fundamentals of Data Visualization with Power BI


Data is part of every field, but not everyone has had the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to find the data they need and use it in ways that add to their work. This program prepares learners to approach data and ask the questions they want answered by the data. Understanding the data lifecycle becomes an integral step in using analyzing, manipulating, and visualizing data in any program. Learners are first introduced to these steps using R. The second course in the program gives learners the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned using PowerBI. They are introduced to business related datasets and exercises that will help them become confident in working with data, creating data visualizations, and preparing reports and dashboards in PowerBI.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to analyze, manage, and communicate data in R
  • How to be a critical consumer and producer of data visualizations
  • How to market your data skills to employers
  • Identify and work with business-oriented data sets
  • Create and share fully functional Power BI reports