Professional Certification in Microsoft Office Fundamentals for Business

  • Course level: All Levels


83% of companies use Microsoft office as a productivity tool. This Professional Certification program will provide you with the necessary knowledge to effectively carry out most of the management tasks of a company.

Mastering Microsoft Office is essential in any professional career, this office suite helps organizations to be more productive and save money and time in the different processes.

You will learn to design effective presentations with Powerpoint, to handle advanced Word functions such as mail merge, change control or the use of sections to customize documents and Microsoft Excel databases to treat and present data.

This program is designed so that the student obtains the basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and can apply it in the professional field.

This Professional Certification program is made up of three online courses, one focusing on Excel, another on Word, and one on Powerpoint.

What Will I Learn?

  • To make effective presentations with Microsoft Powerpoint
  • To handle advanced Microsoft Word functions such as styles, templates, tables and equations
  • The Microsoft Excel bases to process data and obtain graphs and summaries of the same
  • How to handle Excel data tables