Professional Certification in Power Bi for business


Necesitas incorporar la inteligencia de negocio a tu empresa de forma que te permita analizar cantidades ingentes de datos (big data o macrodatos) para tomar las mejores decisiones? Power BI Desktop, la herramienta gratuita de análisis de datos de Microsoft te ayudará a conseguirlo con el menor esfuerzo posible. Gartner ha otorgado a Microsoft el reconocimiento de líder en el segmento de plataformas de análisis y business intelligence por decimocuarto año consecutivo en el informe Gartner Magic Quadrant de 2021.

Microsoft Power BI Desktop offers you Power Query, a tool to import, clean and condition data through automated processes, the data model, which will allow you to establish relationships between imported data and add complex measures that synthesize the most important conclusions and a large number of visualizations that will allow you to present this data in real time in an interactive and connected way and, not only this, if you need to work as a team it offers you a powerful collaborative tool in the cloud (paid) that, in addition, integrates with Microsoft Office tools and Teams.

In this Professional Certification program, you will learn about the components of one of the best business intelligence tools, Power BI: Power BI Desktop to generate the reports, the Power BI service in the cloud to share them and the mobile application to follow up of your data anywhere.

We will tell you in depth how to use Power Query to automate the loading and adaptation of data from any source (text files, web servers, pdfs), how to relate imported data and quickly create powerful measurements that synthesize the information you need. and how to visualize the data so that it provides the information at a glance. All this with practical cases in which you can test your newly acquired knowledge. We will also cover the Power BI cloud service and its capabilities for collaborative work, so that you can take full advantage of the potential of the data intelligence obtained.

What Will I Learn?

  • What is Power BI, what are its components and how can it help you in business analysis.
  • How to load data from different data sources (text files, Excel, pdfs, remote servers) in Power BI Desktop using Power Query.
  • How to establish relationships between loaded data and how to add complex fields and measures to extract the information that interests you using the DAX language.
  • How to create dashboards that communicate information effectively, using the power of linked data visualization and the filtering capabilities of reports.
  • How to use the Power BI service in the cloud taking advantage of its collaborative work capabilities.