Professional Certification in Project management and agile methodology

  • Course level: Intermediate


In the first MOOC, Introduction to project management, the basic concepts of PM (Project Management) or Project Management are introduced, such as time management and risk management. Students who do it will be able to learn to plan and manage very simple projects, using concepts, processes and tools that are applied in real projects.

In the second MOOC, Agile Project Management, the participant will be able to complement and enrich the knowledge acquired in project management, under the context of the new digital economy. The MOOC provides knowledge, methodologies and tools for the planning and development of high impact agile projects both in organizations and in entrepreneurship initiatives. This course will also cover different agile project management methodologies.

At the end of this program, you will be able to manage projects with agile methodologies, in a flexible, autonomous and effective way, contributing to efficiency in time, cost and increased productivity of your work team and your organization.

In recent years, project management has relied on collaborative work, optimizing the development process throughout the project. Project management can be implemented in any area, for example by a team of developers / programmers in software development projects, in a project that involves physical deliverables such as infrastructure works, in a nutshell project management is a skill that allows organizations to achieve goals, such as the successful delivery of a final product, the management of the life cycle of a material for a construction, reaching the goals efficiently, etc.

What Will I Learn?

  • Plan and manage very simple projects, helping you to become a project manager.
  • Use concepts, processes and tools that are applied in real projects.
  • Understand the new project environment in the digital economy and its challenges.
  • Recognize and appropriate knowledge and practices of agility and agile methods for effective project management in the digital economy.
  • Generate a vision of agility, from the development and appropriation of skills as an agile coach.