Professional Certification in Sales management: development of business skills

  • Course level: Intermediate


Selling is an activity that occurs in all human instances, particularly in the business scenario. But, to ensure that organizations meet their goals and achieve their maximum performance, it is necessary to know the variables that influence this process. For this reason, with this Professional Certification program you will be able to strengthen your sales techniques, professional skills and negotiation skills, interpret sales forecasts and know when to use them from existing mathematical models and provide clients with the propitious scenario for purchasing. of products and services.

The sales force and the commercial team are essential for organizations in the short term and long term since they are the ones that generate income for the organization. At the same time, market research, distribution channels, sales strategies, business strategies to keep current customers and attract new customers, customer satisfaction, general objectives of the company, customer satisfaction, are important. the strategic plan and the commercial strategies of the sales area.

Sales managers and sales teams, and in general the entire sales department, work to generate income for the organization, that is why it is very important to be prepared how to know the sales process of a company, what are the strengths of the product or service to sell, know how to carry out the prospecting process, have clear sales volume goals (sales quotas) and the time determined to achieve it (sales objectives). The sales process goes beyond the closing of the sale, it is to know the product, make a suitable prospect, know the strong parts of the work team, have a clear sales plan. It is important to perform a constant sales force performance to determine which points to work on, for example training in new products, in decision making.

This Professional Certification program is made up of two online courses. The first sales course focuses on sales art and techniques and the second on business tools that salespeople can use.

What Will I Learn?

  • Manage products according to customer expectations and ask smart questions to help you identify their needs and sell successfully
  • Effective negotiation techniques
  • Objectives and approach of sales forecasts
  • How to prepare, analyze and draw successful conclusions from sales forecasts in a few steps
  • Tools to forecast sales