• Course level: All Levels


The course is designed for bachelors in Engineering, Administration, Computer Science, Information Systems, Technologists in the field of Information Technology and for professionals with higher degrees who work in the corporate sector in a technical or leadership role: from startups to large companies size, already involved in Software Engineering processes or acting as entrepreneurs in the Information Technology sector, seeking to develop and/or maintain their own solutions.

General objectives

Prepare professionals capable of creating and maintaining computational solutions, using the appropriate resources at all stages of software development, to meet the various market segments, minimizing costs by increasing productivity and improving software quality.

Specific objectives

  • Present the general concepts of software lifecycle in an enterprise environment.
  • Provide knowledge to manage, deploy and maintain software projects in organizations.
  • Provide a set of knowledge to understand the problem through requirements gathering techniques, using abstraction to model the system, its construction and implementation.
  • Present the main software development methodologies, mainly the Agile Methodologies, in order to allow the construction of software with lower cost and with better quality.
  • Encourage the development of an innovative professional, respecting ethical principles, acting individually or as part of a team.