• Course level: All Levels


Target Audience

The course is aimed at professionals with complete higher education who are interested in working in Professional Education and Technical Education, or for those who already work in the area and wish to improve their knowledge and skills.

General objectives

Intensify theoretical knowledge about the conceptions of education in the contemporary world. Reflect on the educational reality of Professional Education at a Technical Level, observing the difficulties, results and trends. Know the policies of Professional Education at a Technical Level in Brazil based on educational methodologies used in teaching at a technical level. Expand knowledge on the legal foundations that govern Professional Education at a Technical Level today.

Specific objectives

  • Enable reflection on the knowledge needed in professional education, stimulating a critical look on aspects related to theoretical and methodological foundations that frame the teaching of technical level.
  • Expand knowledge on educational plans for professional education and its applicability in teaching practice as a fundamental tool in daily pedagogical work.
  • Encourage reflection on assessment as an important tool for the teaching-learning process in professional education Encourage professionals in Professional Education at a Technical Level in their development towards an assertive and quality pedagogical practice.