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Professional Certificate in Data Science

Analysts predict that the country will have more than 11 million job openings by 2026.

A course for multi functional business domain. If you are working or aspiring to work in any one of the following functional domain, This the right course for you. 

    Get ready to meet the industry's specific needs

    • Agriculture Analytics
    • Banking
    • Capital Markets
    • Casinos
    • Consumer Goods
    • Health Care

    Want to know about the course?

    Real-World Projects on Industry data sets using most popular data science tools.

    192+ Hours of instructor-driven live sessions. Periodical evaluation and assistance for SAS Certification

    95% placement track record and 100% successes rate in SAS global certification exam

    100% Hands-on project based program. No prior knowledge required.

    What you will learn?

    Data Science using Python

    Data Science using R

    Base SAS, Advanced SAS (SQL & Macro), Predictive modeling

    Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Neural Network

    Statistics for business applications

    Algorithm & Hands-on project

    Hand-on Case studies & Project

    Who should attend?

    Person who want to become a Data Science professional or Data Scientist and want to develop a strong  foundation on SAS, R and Python with Hands-on project. Any Graduate can join without  prior programming, Statistics, knowledge. 

    About the Course?

    This course includes  SAS Base programming, Advanced SAS programming with Macro,SQL and SAS Predictive modeling Skills for SAS Global Certification on SAS cloud platform. It also covers the complete R programming with modeling and Python programming from scratch, all the modules for handling data, manipulation of data, theory and applications of statistics, Machine Learning, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Neural Network,  and many more with Hands-on case study and project work. 

    Handson Projects

    Sentiment Analysis

    Loan Prediction

    Fake News Detection

    Breast Cancer Detection

    Speech Emotion Recognition

    Age and Gender Detection

    Uder Data Analysis

    Census Income Data Analysis

    Driver Drowsiness Detection

    Image Caption Generator

    Job Roles in Data Science

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    • Data scientist
    • Data analyst
    • Big data engineer
    • AI developer
    • Marketing analyst
    • MIS Consultant
    • R programmer
    • SAS programmer
    • Machine learning engineer
    • Data visualization / BI Developer
    • Business analytics consultant
    • Business analyst
    • HR Analyst
    • Fraud data Analyst
    • Python developer
    • Data Manager

    Faculty Development Program (FDP)

    ISI Kolkata

    Participant's Feedback

    Overall quality of instruction was excellent. Course was very clear and tailored. 



    Excellent potential value as future reference material. Excellent presentation skill. 

    Dr. Jay Tilak Biswas

    I had learning sessions and I hope to return back to gather some more knowledge.

    Md. Insha Latif

    Overall quality of course material is very good.

    Asit Kumar Das


    Handson Workshop

    Handson Workshop at Institute of Business Management -Jadavpur University Campus with different profesors and Faculty members of BE College, Budge Budge Institue of Technology, R.G Kar Medical College, Bhwanipur Education Society and more.

    Participant's Feedback

    Classes are very interactive. Course content is structured. 

    Min Zar Ni

    Deputy director of research, CESD, Myanmar

    Real value of the time and money.

    Amrita Bhattacharya


    I am very pleased with the online training conducted by Handson.

    Archita Kamal Mitra

    TCS Kolkata

    The entire course provide relevant knowledge. I highly recommend Handson courses.

    Kheyali Gupta

    British Telecom

    Very helpful training program with structured content and delivery methods.



    Assignments were very much helpful in order to understand the topics properly. 

    Nirmal Saha


    You will receive a digital badge for your LinkedIn profile and Handson credits as proof of your accomplishment
    Few top companies where our students are working.


    Handson School of Data Science offering best curriculum with experienced instructors. Certificate in Data Science course covers all the popular Programming languages, Statistics from scratch, Hands-on project and case studies which helps students to develop their skills and become a industry ready professional. We have 95% placement track record and 100% SAS Global Certification Exam success rate. 

    Our Hands-on project will help you to develop your skill-set and earn project experience. Many fresh Graduates from different field of study got placement after doing this course. We are always focusing on your hands-on skill development, to successfully deliver a project. First boy may not deliver a project always in time, companies are always looking for a skilled and smart person who can execute and deliver the project in time.

    Data is available everywhere. There are two types of workplace where you can get job. End-user companies in different functional domain like Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Telecom, Infrastructure, Travel and tourism, Healthcare, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Clinical research/trial, Research and development etc. Alternative companies are consulting companies, like Accenture, TCS, CTS, deloitte etc. Depending on your background and experience you can apply.   

    Of course. Your experience matters. You are working with Marketing and sales, you must know better about your product's data and meaning of that data which is called meta data. It may be FMCG, Insurance, Banking, Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing, Healthcare or any thing else. Also you can understand the customer behavior, sentiments, Business planning, Strategy development etc. Data Science is also known as decision science. Every day you are taking different decision based on data already stored data in your mind, computer or in other different form. Now this is the right time to take the right decision to automate your data. Data Science not limited to any stream, functional business domain. It is BIG and unlimited. So open your min, learn how to take a better decision for your job, business, profession or personal life. 

    Our Instructors are usually professionals  who working in similar field for long years and many academicians also delivering courses.

    Generally all data scientists or roles mentioned in this page are earning smart salary. It depends upon you. How must dedicated effort you can put on project work. It is true getting the first job is always a challenge but those who can develop the real skills blended with their experience, they are like Gold in the Industry. We are here to hold your hand.  

    Handson always working with the people those are having project implementation experience and strong knowledge of fundamental concepts. We have conducted many workshop and faculty development program in top Institutes/Universities Many students got placement in micro to multinational companies. It proves the credibility of our instructors. We need not share the profile, academic information of Handson Gurus.  

    Marks is not the only criteria for all the companies to validate the skills of a person. Your functional knowledge, logical sense, and hands-on skill would be the key to get success. 

    Course fees- High/low it is respective. We are not comparing with others. We are calculating the real cost and study the feasibility. Some participants are getting confused after speaking with different admission counsellors of different institutes. This is very common. All Institutes or course providers are highlighting  their own strength. We can suggest you to study more blogs/articles/white papers/job descriptions in different job portals and based on your affordability, take your decision. If you are interested to join Handson - most Welcome. If you find some other place to learn, not an issue. But start now to learn hands-on.11 million job openings by 2026 are waiting for you. 


    Yes. You can pay the course fees with NO cost EMI. 

    This platforms are very helpful for any level of learners. You must purchase some good courses from that platforms. Even you can find many free resources too which will help you to develop your project work. You always can use those courses as reference. 

     No. We don't share our student's information. 

    It depends on your background, experience, knowledge, skill, company status, company location, Size of the company, Software used by the company and where you are going join etc. Finally on your skill sets. e.g. Highest CTC Achieved by Amrita Bhattacharya after her Master Degree from Gokhle College 13L pa. Minimum CTC 3L pa. 

    Data science covers a wide range of fields, including mathematics, scientific methods, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analysis, extracting value from data. Those who practice data science are called data scientists, and they incorporate many skills to analyze the data collected on the web, smartphones, clients, sensors, and other sources to gain practical insight.

    Data science involves processing analytics data, including refining, integration, and use of data to perform advanced data analysis. Analysis programs and data scientists can also review results to identify patterns and empower business leaders to access informative data.

    Most of students using their own dataset, in some cases we provide dataset. It depends on you. If you want to select a project of your own source, you can. If you want the project from Handson only, then you have to use our dataset.


    Don't worry about software and installation. We will guide holding your hand. 

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