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Handson School of Data Science: Offers applied learning on different emerging technologies

Handson School of Data Science: Offers applied learning on different emerging technologies

Data Science in this decade is and will be a productive and fruitful career option. To become an expert or start a career in Data Science, one does not need to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree. You can achieve that only by having the right experience and skills.
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In this blog, you will learn about an amazing platform- Handson, the school of data science which offers you applied data science courses with other popular technologies

Data Science
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Reasons to choose Data Analytics as a career

Nowadays data-driven business decisions as well as the use of more applications and technologies are gaining popularity. Post Pandemic there are various changes in the education system, business operations, and consumer. Therefore, data science or data analytics are considered to be the key element for operating businesses and industries across the world.
Here are some points that will explain to you that why should you go for Data Science:

  1. Great career opportunity– Demand for data analytics or data scientist is never going to decrease in this modern tech-savvy era. In fact, at present, there are lesser professionals in this field and there is a huge demand for this profession in the market. Also, anyone can switch their career from data analyst to data scientist anytime.
  2. Get highly paid – The salaries undoubtedly depend on the organization, the size, and the sector. But, it largely depends on the experience and skills of an individual professional. According to a study, data scientists or analysts can get a starting salary of $95,000 in the U.S. An experienced person can get up to a salary of $130,000 to $250,000. You can earn a higher salary according to your experience and skills irrespective of the country you belong to.
  3. Say No to Job Automation – These data science jobs are having a very lesser risk for automation. As mentioned earlier in this blog, demand for data science is increasing faster almost at the rate of 50%. Very few platforms use and produce the appropriate analytics and the professionals themselves do the automating jobs.
  4. Deal with complex and high-level challenges – The role of a data analyst or data scientist is very essential for a business or an organization. The reason is they have to extract the insights from plenty of raw data by dealing with and analyzing them. Few challenges that a data science professional has to face are the ways to recognize a problem in business, increasing sales, opportunities in raw data sets, creating a framework that will help the business consume and organize all the data and lastly track down the quality attributes that segments the targeted audiences.

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Data Science VS Data Analytics

The roles and responsibilities of a Data Scientist and Data Analysts seem identical. But if you have a closer look then you can distinguish between them. Both the roles need to focus on raw data and statistical knowledge. Let us list out the key functions or skills of each of the roles.

Data Scientist:

⦁ Must know how to manage large and complex data by Apache Hadoop or Spark.
⦁ Data Visualization and Modeling – The process of presenting the data in graphical format which makes it easier to understand the business insights and formatting individual data into a database.
⦁ Machine Learning & Programming – These techniques will help predict the data and insights as well as in data automation.
⦁ Team/ Group – Usually data scientists work and coordinate in a team (engineers, developers, etc).
⦁ Statistics – Must know the techniques of applied statistics and ways to use them while interpreting data.

Data Analyst:

⦁ Domain knowledge – The data analyst has to be good at domain specialization.
⦁ A/B Testing – Their main role is to analyze data and compare the two different versions of data statistically to conclude which one performs better.
⦁ Data visualization- Like Data scientists, Analysts also must know how to present the data in graphical format for an easier understanding of insights.
⦁ Programming and SQL – Data Analysts should know languages like R and Python besides knowing SQL which is a database language used for managing data.
⦁ Report- They must possess good communication skills because they are supposed to present the data insights by reporting them to the clients and management.

Handson as an e-learning platform

Handson e-learning platform

Handson a global online platform that offers courses from popular institutions, universities, and top instructors that includes live sessions that would make the learning process easier for the beginners as well as an experienced one.
The school of data science offers you a range of career-enhancing courses like data science, machine learning, Python, SAS, and many more. You can enroll in any of the courses from any part of the world virtually.
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Besides offering these advanced courses, Handson also prepares you by developing your business skills and enhancing your teamwork. You get a degree from the top institutions around the globe from one single platform and that will help you achieve the right goal. This platform makes you industry-ready after you complete the courses here.
You will be awarded a certificate, a digital badge after the completion of each course provide by Handson.
There are several online courses resources like Udacity, Pluralsight, Teachable, eDX, Alison,Edureka, Future Learn US, Blockchain courses, Pearson etc. that coordinates with Handson in serving valued education to all the learners.
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